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Coax cable assemblies are available to accommodate flexible, conformable, and semi-rigid cable groups.

Statistical process controls (SPC) are used throughout a pull-demand workcell to ensure all critical dimensions are met.

Semi-cutting, automated stripping and forming equipment assure repeatable, precise dimensions from low to high volume requirements.

Higher performance capabilities includeVSWR, Insertion Loss and Phase Match testing and analysis.



Enclosing Solutions

  • Thermoplastic enclosures
  • Polyester enclosures
  • Sheet steel enclosures
  • Aluminium enclosures
  • Enclosure kits
  • Common enclosure accessories

Explosion protection

Our explosion protection offering now comprises Ex enclosing solutions and various related industrial components. They are designed and tested to meet the requirements of industries and applications where explosive atmospheres may be present.

Our enclosures are widely certified to meet the requirements of global markets. They hold ATEX, China Ex, IECEx, Russian and UL certifications and are suitable for installations in:

  • Zones 1 and 2 in gas areas
  • Zones 21 and 22 in dust areas

Industrial components

  • Terminals
  • Load break switches
  • Fuse bases
  • Mounting Boxes

Equipment Testing Product for the Microwave Lab

Velocity by GTE

Continuum Kit

  • Easy ability to change connectors between genders and connector typesStainless steel captivated connectors
  • End Connectors: 24NMD, 2.4mm, 29NMD, 2.9mm, SMA, 3.5NMD, 3.5mm, or Type-N – Male or Female Friction rings with anti-pivot resistance
  • Full kitted assembly in MK-7 waterproof, dustproof and crushproof enclosure with padlock option
  • Case features all stainless steel hardware and automatic pressure release valve
  • Available in 28" and 39" or custom lengths from 12" to 60"
  • Industry leading 2-year warranty

FORTIS Test Cables

Vector Series

  • Patent pending cable assembly designed for dedicated connection to Vector Network Analyzers
  • Designed to provide sustainable test port extension through repairability
  • Withstands compression up to 800 lbs (MIL-T-81490 SEC.
  • End 1 Connector: 18NMD, 24NMD, 29NMD or 35NMD - Female
  • End 2 Connector: 18NMD, 24NMD, 29NMD, 35NMD, 1.85mm, 2.4mm, 2.92mm, SMA35, 3.5mm or Type-N - Male or Female
  • Available in individual units or phase matched sets
  • Available in 26", 39", and custom lengths from 12" to 60"
  • Industry leading extended 2-year warranty

Conexus Series

  • General purpose microwave cable assembly offering modular design for extended service life
  • High Propagation Velocity and best of breed phase performance relative to temperature and flexure
  • Withstands compression up to 300 lbs (MIL-T-81490 SEC.
  • Connectors available: 2.4mm, 2.92mm, SMA35, 3.5mm or Type-N - Male or Female
  • Available in 28", 39", and custom lengths from 12" to 60"
  • Industry leading extended 2-year warranty

Precision Gages

  • General purpose microwave cable assembly offering modular design for extended service life
  • High Propagation Velocity and best of breed phase performance relative to temperature and flexure
  • Withstands compression up to 300 lbs (MIL-T-81490 SEC.
  • Connectors available: 2.4mm, 2.92mm, SMA35, 3.5mm or Type-N - Male or Female
  • Available in 28", 39", and custom lengths from 12" to 60"
  • Industry leading extended 2-year warranty

Hardware, Aluminum slides, latches, and retainer hardware for the Medical, Commercial aircraft and Military industries


Actron’s manufacturing and engineering services are located in Corona, California, Actron produces high end aluminum drawer slides, latches, retainers, door bolting systems and custom specialty hardware for a multitude of industries in a global market. Their focus is on providing practical solutions to the most stringent of needs often required by Aircraft, Medical, Defense, Transportation and Marine customers.



Actron’s aluminum slides can be found supporting programs globally from specialty ground vehicles, shelters, submarines and naval ships. Engineered to meet today’s harsh environmental conditions with a number of special feature options available for these ruggedized slides.


Actron designs & manufactures one of the widest ranges of latches, retainers, pull handles, door bolting systems, coat hooks, wire strikes and other mounting hardware. Innovative solutions for galley, lavatory, cockpit, door bolting systems and overhead bins applications are offered. A variety of styles, types, and finishing’s along with FAA approved parts (PMA) are available.


Stainless and Aluminum latches, pull handles and slides. Designed for quiet and smooth operation for a range of applications; customizable for specific solutions.


Rugged aluminum and stainless hardware in an array of finishes for galley and living quarters. The high quality aerospace standards are now applied to the marine industry hardware.

All of Actron’s products are manufactured under the guidelines of ISO 9001 and AS9100C Quality Management Systems. For 44 years all of Actron products have been “Made IN USA” proudly meeting the “Buy American Act”.

Electric Heat Systems and Control Panels for the Industrial Market


Tubular & Finned Tubular Elements
  • Tubular applications: Clamp-on, wrap-around, immersion, convection or radiant heating.
  • Finned tubular applications: Natural convection or forced draft space heating, industrial process air heating, preheat & reheat.
  • Custom designs to fit the job.
  • Single ended terminations available.
  • Many sheath materials available depending on application.
  • Options: Numerous terminations, insulators and seals, special fittings and mounting plates available.
  • Standard diameters include .250”, .260”, .312”/.315”, .375”, .430”, .475”, .490” and .625”.
  • Lengths in excess of 30 feet unspliced.
  • UL Recognized, CSA Approved, and CE certified.
  • Hermetically sealed mil spec elements, qualified to MIL-H-22594A.
Refrigeration Defrost Heaters
  • Applications: Electric defrosting of coils and evaporator pans for commercial refrigeration equipment. May be clamped to pipes or tanks to promote drainage and prevent freezing.
  • Custom designs to fit the job.
  • Molded terminals suitable for wet and moist locations.
  • Many standard sizes in stock for quick shipment, fully annealed to permit bending to shape in the field.
  • UL Recognized and CSA Approved.
  • Available with optional thermal cutouts and fusible links.
Multi-Cell Cluster Heaters
  • Applications: Platens, Process Equipment, Superheating of various media, Heat treating equipment, Holding tanks for molten metals, High temperature preheating for chemical reactors, Exotic material forming and fabrication, furnaces and high temperature ovens.
  • Stainless Steel, Incoloy and Inconel sheath materials.
  • Extremely high operating temperatures.
  • Ability to “zone” individual and multiple heating elements for most accurate temperature control of platens.
  • Wide variety of internal and external element diameters.
  • Many internal element configurations maximize element efficiency.
  • Multiple wiring options allow for most effective electrical output.
Immersion Heaters

HEATREX offers a wide variety of designs for heating gases, liquids and soft metals by direct immersion. Standard units in copper, steel, stainless and Incoloy; custom units in many different sheath, screw plug and flange materials depending on application requirements. Optional liquidproof or explosion-resistant terminal boxes, hermetic terminal end seals, high temperature construction and built-in controls. UL Listed, UL Recognized, CSA Approved, and CE Certified designs are available.

  • Pipe Thread/Screw Plug Heaters: 1” – 3” fittings.
  • Flange Heaters: 2”—24” ANSI Flanges to 1500 lbs.
  • Over-the-Side Heaters.
  • Cooling Tower Heaters.
  • Bottom Mounted Heaters.
  • Tank Heaters.
  • Hopper Heaters.
  • Dry well heaters.
  • Open coil, pipe insert heaters.
  • CSA listed pipe thread for hazardous areas.

Custom Flex Heating Solutions

Thermo Custom Heating Solutions

Customized Heating Elements for your Application

Providing Flexible Heating Elements To World-Class Manufacturers Since 1978. With manufacturing facilities in both the United States and Germany, we have designed, developed and produced flexible heaters for many of the world's leading technology companies.

  • Silicone Rubber Heaters
  • Polymer Thick Film Heaters (PTF)
  • Tubular Heaters
  • UltraFlex
  • Mica Heaters
  • Kapton® Heaters
  • Ceramic Heaters

LED Technology Solutions and Services



  • Thermal shock and environmental cycling
  • System characterization: impedance, acoustics and thermal performance
  • Component characterization

OPTOELECTRONIX designs and manufactures a wide range of OEM custom, semi-custom and standard light engines and a growing number of light fixtures.

Products designed as a complete lighting solution with integrated power supplies. Standard products include both low voltage and line voltage units with most fixtures featuring universal power supplies accommodating power input from 110 to 277 volts, 50/80 HTZ.

Light outputs from product range from less than 100 to 12,000 lumens.

  1. Light Engines
  2. Fixtures
  3. Reliability
  4. Five-year warranty

PCB Board Solutions and Value-Added Services


Altus specializes in high-performance PCB layout while utilizing the industry leading CAD tools.

We offer our customers the full design flow from start to finish including schematic capture, library development, data base construction and verification, signal integrity, EMI checking DFM.

RF Designs and The Manufacturing of RF Microwave Power Amplifiers, Modules and sub-assemblies

Elite RF

  • RF Pallets
  • RF Modules
  • RF Amplifiers
  • Rack Amplifiers
  • RF Systems
  • Custom Products

Amplifier Product Line500 MHz to 18 GHz 1 Watt to 10K Watts GaN & LDMOS

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Haynes and Associates Inc.
President: Tom Haynes
Phone: 832-990-4054



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